Starting the Pre-Launch Checklist

As you may note from some of the reviews, the kernel for this website came into being over one year ago. Gamer Bling was very excited to get this website under way, and found several manufacturers who shared his vision and trusted him to execute it.

Then reality hit Gamer Bling in the face like a sturgeon. Not the sort that leaps out of the Gulf of Mexico and slams into folks gone fishing, but the sort that’s cold and dead and was flung from a trebuchet with deadly accuracy.  

House demanding attention, wife in sore need of painting, pets needing new clothes, kids chewing up Gamer Bling’s dress shoes… and this website ended up on the back burner. So far back that it boiled dry and Gamer Bling had to throw the pan away.

But now, at last, it has been created.

You’ll note that as of this writing, there are 13 items among the reviews, of which 8 have been reviewed. That leaves 5 yet to be done, plus another 5 that have not yet been published to the list. And Gamer Bling still has people to contact about potential product samples.

They will be done. In the mean time, Gamer Bling wants to launch this site before Gen Con Indy, thus he is prevailing upon some of his friends and acquaintances for their feedback. So, if you have stumbled upon this site and this is the most recent blog post, that is the state of things.

Otherwise, this will serve as an interesting bit of history.

~ by Gamer Bling on 9 July 2007.

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