Soft Launch!

Well, the word is getting out there, so now is as good a time as any to soft-launch the site. Nine reviews up, another three in the queue. Plus Gamer Bling is supposed to be getting more material anon, about which he is pretty excited.

Real Life continues to harass Gamer Bling. Given the choice between spending time reviewing keen stuff and squirting caulk into obnoxiously tight corners in a dimly lit room, you know which choice Gamer Bling would have made. However, in this instance, Gamer Bling’s wife chose for him.

Well, not exactly, but Gamer Bling’s life would have been pretty miserable if he had chosen the less politically expedient option.

At this, the serene and quiet soft launch of the site, Gamer Bling would like to thank the following people for supporting his site even before it was launched:

Open Mind Games for providing the first item to be reviewed, which spawned the idea for this site.

Conflict Gaming and Alea Tools for following suit almost immediately with their chips and markers.

Paizo for supplying GameMastery samples of item cards, map packs, the campaign workbook, and Steel Sqwire area-of-effect templates.

Q-Workshop for their cool dice and VixenTor for something to roll them in.

And the ever-cheerful jim pinto for making Gamer Bling look good. If you give jim money, he can make you look good, too.


~ by Gamer Bling on 18 July 2007.

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