AvatarArt Review Coming Soon(ish)!

AvatarArt and Gamer Bling have put their heads together (*bonk!* “Ow!”) and will be bringing you a detailed review of AvatarArt’s commendable commissioned custom character creations.

Since art is largely subjective, Gamer Bling’s review will take the approach of modern education and focus on process rather than end result. That is, Gamer Bling will not review just the art itself, rather the entire experience from first contact through final design, showing you the interim steps along the way.

This is kind of funny, as Gamer Bling’s current character is less than entirely serious. But memorable. Sort of like Gamer Bling himself.

This review will begin after Gen Con 2007, because, as a prisoner in the paper cells of TCG purgatory, Gamer Bling cannot spare the time now, and Gamer Bling wants to portray the timeline realistically, as if he had no other life. Thus, sometime late this month, the AvatarArt review will begin to go live. And it will grow, like some blighted carbuncle (though hopefully much better looking) throughout the weeks until at last it reaches its fruition and Gamer Bling skitters down the hall cackling gleefully with his new treasure.

And Gamer Bling will also endeavor to bring the selfsame character to life using Lone Wolf Development’s Hero Lab software. We’ll see how good it is!


~ by Gamer Bling on 2 August 2007.

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