Tokkens are Coming!

When typing this blog entry, Gamer Bling was tempted to write, “Tokens are Comming,” although he figured few would get the joke.

Tokkens are a combination of random treasure generation and inventory control. And they’re solid and very blingy. Sort of like Gamer Bling’s wife (this gratuitous servile fawning is a public service provided in an attempt to ensure continued uninterrupted bandwidth to review fun products).

In any event, the inevitable Simon Chang of Fantasy Mint has requested a full-on tangent-packed no-respect Gamer Bling review, and yours truly is more than happy to indulge him. And to indulge you, the faithful reader. And the wife, because if the Blingmeister doesn’t indulge her by doing stupid house projects, he gets in a heaping teepee of trouble.

Although Fantasy Mint will be launching their second series this summer, Gamer Bling does not think that a full review will appear before Gen Con. There is too much torment in the TCG dungeon to allow Gamer Bling to do much. In fact, the only reason he can write this now is because he is on an airplane. Which is going down. In the controlled sense. Or so GB hopes.


~ by Gamer Bling on 8 August 2007.

2 Responses to “Tokkens are Coming!”

  1. How can you compare it to the wife? LOL.

  2. How about this:

    Pleasant to look at, long-lasting, and fun to play with.
    And kinda expensive. 😉

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