Gamer Bling Prepares for Gen Con

Yes, folks it is true. Gamer Bling is coming to Gen Con (in Soviet Russia, Gen Con comes to you). GB is undertaking this task in his unrelenting search of all that is the best in gaming excessories. And because his TCG taskmasters are forcing him to go.

GB hopes that he will have the time, energy, and Internet connectivity to supply you, his loyal readers, with the latest fun updates.

Without you having to experience the unwashed gamer funk.

Unless you haven’t showered in three days.

Which gamer bling strongly hopes is not the case.

Very strongly.

As strongly as three-day-old armpits smell.

But if it is the case, Gamer Bling is happy you’ll be at home, and not at Gen Con.


~ by Gamer Bling on 14 August 2007.

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