Hawt Stuff!

Gamer Bling managed to pry himself loose from the booth for a while (i.e., after hours) and check things out.

Got some phat lewt from a variety of sources, including new ConflictChips that will be well reviewed, a block of Tokkens, and some Elvish dice from Q-Workshop that say something more inspiring than, “Eaporchsto Maezicdi Cerunc Cinzco.”

GB will just say that Q-Workshop will be having a favorable updated review soon. They have some neat stuff coming down the pike, and GB feels himself succumbing to the deadly sin of avarice for these dice. Or maybe even lust. These are dice, after all.

There are other reviews coming as well, but as GB must follow up post-con, announcements will have to wait.

Now, back to work!

~ by Gamer Bling on 18 August 2007.

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