E-tail Starting Up

Gamer Bling is tirelessly tirefully working on a variety of enhancements for his loyal readers. One of these are e-tail links.

Warm fuzzies now, teeth and claws later. Much like Gamer Bling’s ex-wife…Some of these links provide you with tangible benefits. Others simply provide you with the warm, fuzzy feeling that you are helping Gamer Bling break even on the expenses of this site.

Nothing wrong with warm fuzzies.

Anyhoo, e-tail links are now provided for Conflict Chips, Chainmail dice bags, and Alea Tools’ markers. Look toward the end of the review.

Gamer Bling profusely thanks these manufacturers for their support. And he’s amazed that this post is fairly coherent, as loud as his kids are being.


~ by Gamer Bling on 28 August 2007.

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