Gamer Bling Deathmatch #1

GameMastery Item Cards vs. Fantasy Mint Tokkens

Category Item Cards Tokkens
Price per Pack $3.49 to $19.99 $3.19
Price per Card 18-29 Cents Each 63 Cents Each
Price per Pound $44-$72 $25.88
Size 63 x 88 x 0.5 mm 63 x 90 x 3 mm
Material 12 point C2S cardboard tin
Flexibility (either kind) High None
Requires Gamemaster Intervention Yes No
Nutritional Benefits Fiber Iron
Alternate Use Small Fan Tiny Serving Tray
Apocalyptic Zombie-Movie Utility Option Non-Absorbent Wound Dressing Non-Wounding Shuriken
Chewability High Low
Likelihood of Getting One Jammed Under Your Fingernail Moderate Remote
Pain Level of Getting One Jammed Under Your Fingernail Moderate Excruciating
Greatest Player Threat They Write on Them They Try to Keep Them
Greatest Non-Gamer Threat Spilled Soda Rust Monsters
Favored Enemy Happy Little Trees Harmless Lumpy Rocks
Tabletop Presence Stacks Easily Hits the Table with Authority
Biggest Drawback Is Not a Chick Magnet Sets Off Metal Detectors
Are the Items Depicted Floating in Timeless Space? Yes (sigh) Yes (sigh)
Biggest Ethnic Annoyance Unexplained German Industrial-Music Glyphs Website Keeps Asking to Install Chinese Fonts

The winnah: you!

~ by Gamer Bling on 30 August 2007.

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