Another Kewl Kobold!

Gamer Bling apologizes profusely, but he has had a lengthy trip butt up against the flu. Which is to say he’s spent several days in Texas, and then several days in the bathroom. Which to some people (like, say, General Sherman) amounts to roughly the same thing.

Be that as it may, this blog entry does not herald another appearance of Gleek. It heralds the appearance of a completely different Kobold, being one that has been drawn and quartered. And the resultant mess made available in PDF.

Sorry, Mr. Reynolds, but this just doesn’t look as cool as a kobold rogue-turned-sorcerer-turning-dragon. But nothing short of an iceberg looks that cool.I speak of (dun-dun duhnn!) Kobold Quarterly!

See, the artists drew it… and the publisher made it quarterly… oh, never mind.

Kobold Quarterly’s second installment is now available. Published by Wolfgang Baur, who is (a) nice, (b) intelligent, (c) ex-WotC, and (d) pretty darned funny at times, Gamer Bling wants to ensure that Wolf gets all that he deserves.

In a nice way, that is. It’d be a pretty rotten world if we all got what we really deserved.

Wolfgang once tried to help Gamer Bling get a job at Microsoft. The effort failed, as a result of which Gamer Bling still has a soul. Also a lot less money, but a soul is worth it.

Anyway, the highlight of this issue is the first-ever Gamer Bling quarter-page advertisement. But there’s also lots of keen other stuff. Gamer Bling says, “check it out.”

You can get it direct from the Wolf Man himself. That way he gets to keep all the money.

No, Gamer Bling gets no kickback for this. Except that he did get an ad at a discounted rate. And if that’s not enough reason for you to cough up six bucks for Mr. Baur, then why are you reading a review page about high-priced bling?

And tell him G•B sent you.


~ by Gamer Bling on 5 October 2007.

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