A Momentary Lapse of Reviews

Some of you may have noticed that Gamer Bling has not updated the GameMastery Map Packs and Item Cards pages with recent releases in those lines. Others (not a mutually exclusive set) may have noticed that the WotC D&D Icons and Campaign Cartographer pages have been noticeably not-entirely-filled-in since site launch.

Allow Gamer Bling to explain.

It’s President Bush’s fault. He is the one responsible for global warming, urban sprawl, predatory mortage lenders, obesity, the Hollywood Screenwriters’ strike, and Sean Penn, so Gamer Bling thought he’d jump on the bandwagon.

Just kidding. The real problem is that Gamer Bling is a victim. It’s society’s fault. As evidence, Gamer Bling respectfully submits the following:

The immutable Phil Lacefield has left his position at Paizo, and, as he was the person whom Gamer Bling hit up for GameMastery review materials, that supply suddenly stopped. Gamer Bling has since gotten in contact with Joshua Frost, who has promised to add Gamer Bling to the review list. Gamer Bling has also asked (in that very sweet and almost-whiny tone that only Gamer Bling can create) to get the backstock that he has missed; time will tell whether or not the esteemed Mr. Frost will be so benevolent. We here at Gamer Bling certainly hope so.

As for WotC, Gamer Bling has gotten hold of the inscrutible Scott Rouse, who has, according to the strict dictates of corporate culture, asked their PR firm to route materials to Gamer Bling. This unfortunately happened while they were in the process of switching PR firms. And Gamer Bling was dropped off the list. Not a big help. This exclusion is supposed to have been rectified, but Gamer Bling also knows that PR firms can often be slow, so we’ll see.

Finally, Gamer Bling has been very busy with his business, personal, and moonlight-career life. They have all converged, bending the space-time continuum and denying Gamer Bling the hours in the day he needs to get everything done (there being no other viable explanation). This is why the Campaign Cartographer has not yet been reviewed. Software needs a much more detailed and time-intensive review than, say, dice.

However, things look better in the future. Gamer Bling will be updating several reviews, as well as opening a new category just in time for Christmas. He hopes to get the bandwidth to give the Campagin Cartographer a fair shake. And he hopes to start getting regular packages from WotC and Paizo. In the meantime, there is plenty of other fun stuff queued up.

So remember: Gamer Bling is a victim. Read his website, or he’ll sue for discrimination.

~ by Gamer Bling on 10 November 2007.

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