Gamer Bling Deathmatch #2

Gamer Bling vs. Gamer Bling Expansion #1

Monday night is game night at the Gamer Bling household, and Gamer Bling Expansion #1 chose Monopoly. So we played.

The Gamer Bling Official Companion was the first to be driven into bankruptcy, and Gamer Bling took her holdings. Gamer Bling Expansion #2 was the next to fall. Not that Gamer Bling necessarily likes to beat up on the wife and kids—beating up on the wife generally has consequences beyond the game—but neither will he break the rules to avoid winning.

At that point, the board looked like this:

Gamer Bling
• Purple monopoly with hotels
• Cyan monopoly with houses
• Magenta monopoly with hotels
• Red monopoly with hotels
• Railroads

Gamer Bling Expansion #1
• Orange monopoly with hotels
• Utilities

Over the next three trips around the board, Gamer Bling Expansion #1 managed to land between all of Gamer Bling’s properties except once.

In comparison, in those same three circuits (we were rolling pretty evenly), Gamer Bling hit:
• Water Works twice
• Luxury Tax twice
• Income Tax three times
• Chance for housing repairs totalling $1025
• New York Avenue with hotel three times

This, apparently, is what it feels like to be a recalcitrant nail squaring off against a determined carpenter.

No, this has nothing to do with bling. But Gamer Bling had to vent somewhere. Waahhh!

~ by Gamer Bling on 20 November 2007.

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