Gamer Bling’s Xmas List 2007

Everyone needs to remember that it’s the gift-getting season.Gamer Bling loves Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year rich with traditions, family, big fat meals, delectable desserts, and children experiencing the dazzling magic of the season. It’s a time to celebrate love, life, generosity, and the loyalty of friends. And it’s only occasionally marred by a re-gifted fruitcake.

Gamer Bling also loves Xmas, by which he means the secular event that Christmas has become in the modern American culture. This is a time of lattes, wish lists, mailboxes full of cards advertisements, overworked sales clerks, and pumping money into the economy. And it’s only occasionally marred by someone flying the bird in a crowded mall parking lot.

But the best part about Xmas is that it’s so downright blingy! You chop down an innocent tree (apparently all the guilty trees were chopped down years ago), put it inside your house where even a normal tree would never stand a chance of surviving, and cover it with fragile glass balls and garlands. For what purpose? To look really good and be a marker for where all the presents go! In other words, it could all be done with a cardboard arrow labeled “HERE.” And you could reuse the cardboard arrow next year.

If you’re really going to go the style-over-substance route, you can get a plastic tree and flock it with fake snow! And when someone honks their horn at you in the parking lot, you can pass the blingy blessings with a smile and a gentle “Flock you, too!”

Or not.

Now as has been mentioned before, Gamer Bling believes the best present is something that someone really really wants, but would never buy for themselves. Like, say, much of what’s reviewed on this site! So, without further digression ado, here are two shopping lists for you. The first is Gamer Bling’s personal recommendations; these are the things he likes the best and uses regularly. The second is the list of things that scored perfect 10s on this site, which means they are always welcome gifts.

Please note that everything Gamer Bling has reviewed is a suitable gift for the role-player. But Gamer Bling wanted to put this entry up to (a) draw you back to his site and (b) get you to think about possibly picking up some of this stuff for those you love. Including yourself.

Gamer Bling’s Personal Faves in Order:

  1. Combat Pad (a must-have)
  2. Area of Effect Templates
  3. Q-Workshop Dice
  4. Chainmail Dice Bags
  5. Magnetic Markers
  6. Hero Lab (if you play a supported game)
  7. Chainmail Gear (especially for little girls)

Gamer Bling’s Perfect Scores in Alphabetical Order:

With that many perfect scores, Gamer Bling feels he is not being evil enough. But it is true that people are putting serious thought and effort into their products these days, and Gamer Bling would like their hard work to be rewarded.

Go forth and consume!

~ by Gamer Bling on 4 December 2007.

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