It’s a Steal!

And where there’s a steal, you know your favorite psyckobold Gleek is involved!

AvatarArt has heard the wails of fear and anguish from deep within Gamer Bling’s arteriosclerotic heart. His desperate pleas so damaged their hearing that they have succumbed and offered to placate Gamer Bling’s whinings!

In all seriousness, the top… men at AvatarArt have made two very generous offers to their patrons. Gamer Bling will not steal their thunder by telling you what it is. Instead, you need to go read the comments section at the bottom of the Custom Character Portraits review.

Sheesh. If they keep this up, there’ll not be enough of their till for Gleek to pilfer!


~ by Gamer Bling on 28 January 2008.

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