Q-Workshop News

Eaporchsto Maezicdi Cerunc Cinzco! No, really!Gamer Bling has two news tidbits from Q-Workshop for you today.

The first and less important piece of news is that the self-described crazy Poles have revamped their dragon dice. You may remember the dragon dice from Gamer Bling’s less-than-excellent review of their clarity and inking. Well, the new dragon dice have put the old ones to shame, while still keeping within the concept. Click here to see a nice JPG of the new, better inked, more detailed, not-yet-in-my-chainmail-dice-bag dragon dice!

Second, and infinitely more important, is that Q-Workshop is hosting a new dice design contest! With prizes! And stuff!

Naturally, since we’re talking about a contest involving blingy dice, Q-Workshop turned to Gamer Bling for the assistance of his discriminating palate in all things gamerrific. Of the judges, only Anne Stokes is cuter than yours truly, although Kevin Cook gets props for his big, um, props. In his photo.

Click here to check out the rules, regs, judges, and prizes. Enter, and win. That is, if you can best the amazingly beautiful entry that Gamer Bling will submit.

What, you think Gamer Bling agreed to judge for any reason other than the chance to blackball every other entrant? Sheesh. You need to go read about Gleek. Gamer Bling wants the prizes all to hisself.

And it’ll save on shipping costs for the dice tower and bag.


~ by Gamer Bling on 1 February 2008.

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