A Rare Serious Moment. Really.

Part of her effectiveness as a bodyguard may well have been that you’d be too busy ogling while she kicked your butt.Yesterday, in Moscow, a lovely young lady was killed in a carjacking.

Anna Loginova was a Russian model-turned-bodyguard. She was skilled with firearms, martial arts, and the sword… katana, by the looks of one of the publicity stills. She was hot, lethal, owned an all-female bodyguard service (some of whom had KGB training), and you know she had one of those sexy Russian accents.

And Gamer Bling thought people like her only existed in James Bond movies. Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.

How sad that she is gone, yet how great that she was ever here in the first place.

~ by Gamer Bling on 2 February 2008.

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