Gamer Bling Weeps Openly.

For reasons beyond mortal comprehension, you have decided to cancel your donation to the Gamer Bling Needs The Sultan Charity Fund, a non-tax-deductible foundation founded for the gratuitous gratification of Gamer Bling.

Gamer Bling will try not to take it personally. He will refrain from despair and suicide. He will pray for you. Well, at least he would if he ever got messages saying that people had canceled donations. But he doesn’t. So he’ll pray for you and your fellows in a vague, anonymous sense.

Again, you have canceled your donation, prolonging the suffering of the Sultan-deprived Gamer Bling, as well as the fine people at Geek Chic, who must continue to endure calls from Gamer Bling at all hours of the night and wish that restraining orders applied from Washington to North Carolina. But don’t consider their anguish to be your personal responsibility. It’s also the fault of everyone else who doesn’t donate.

Gamer Bling has been working on his guilt-trippage; can you tell?   

(If you navigated your way to this post, it is here because PayPal requires Gamer Bling to have a permanent landing page for fickle donation cancelations, and if he made this a page instead of a post, WordPress would index it immediately. Gamer Bling doesn’t want a Cancelation page hanging around his keen review pages, becauise he doesn’t want his readers to consider this a possibility.)

~ by Gamer Bling on 1 April 2008.

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