Little Ado about Nothing

Gamer Bling is a little behind on his reviews, since The Gamer Bling Official Companion prefers that all of Gamer Bling’s computer time be spent on pursuing new avenues of employment rather than aggrandizing his already bloated sense of self-importance.

So, in order to mollify the masses, by which Gamer Bling means the proletarian players who frequent this site and will lead the revolution to a brave new world filled with alpha gamers, this post will share some of the strange search engine terms that led other web surfers here.

Gamer Bling knows that folks search for “gii” and “dooooom” and “Einstürzende Neubauten” and other well-worn hand-tooled jokes from this site. But what occasionaly surprises him are some of the other results, including, but not limited to such terms as:

• cute chainmail websites – Okay, Gamer Bling is now officially cute. 😀
• dentation in animals – McGruff says “Take a bite out of crime boring games.”
• crown royal dice cups – By which Gamer Bling hopes they don’t mean “athletic supporters.”
• what does the chair made of crown royal – When even the search engine gets tired, it’s time to quit. 
• emo kids cutting there wrist – Gamer Bling would cut his wrist, too, if he couldn’t spell “their.”
• bling nudes – Gamer Bling will have to work on this.
• chain maille theory – It’s no longer a theory: it is now the Law of Chain Maille Coolness.
• lacefield – Hmm… Phil must be ego surfing.
• “stand and deliver” – Also results in an Adam and the Ants album.
• pencil drawings of reptilian monsters – Gleeeeek!
• flaming dice bling – Well, the folks form endorsed Gamer Bling. Thanks gays guys!
• psychopathic bling – Umm…
• first mistake inventions – Gamer Bling has no idea why this ended up here.
• antimatter + matter chain reaction – Results in the death of this blog as we know it. As if Gamer Bling isn’t already doing enough to destroy this.

~ by Gamer Bling on 9 May 2008.

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