General Update

Greetings, loyal fans.

Thanks to the top… men at AvatarArt, Gamer Bling now has a new link that tracks click-throughs to their site. Please be sure to use it. And when you do, be sure to buy cool custom character art. You get a discount, Gamer Bling gets to make the top… men at AvatarArt happy.

Several of you have asked Gamer Bling to review Paizo’s Critical Hits / Critical Fumbles decks. Gamer Bling is happy to announce that he has recevied an email from Paizo’s own Erik Mona and Chris Self stating that review material will be sent forthwith. This would end a drought of “since Phil Lacefield left” for Paizo reviews. The sole exception to this drought is that Chris Self swagged Gamer Bling a Fumble deck at Gen Con, but since Gamer Bling feels the two decks need to be reviewed together, the review languished, merely half-written, and therefore half-funny. When Gamer Bling finally gets the Critical Hits deck, the review will at least be fully written, if only still half-funny.

Gamer Bling also has more review materials at hand, and will get to them promptly. First, however, he needs to finish judging Q Workshop’s dice design contest.

And to all you Russian spammers: Just quit, will ya? Er, um, “SHTOI!” It’s not like Gamer Bling can read Cyrillic, anyway. Do svedanya.


~ by Gamer Bling on 18 September 2008.

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