Update and New Review and Update

Happy Halloween, everyone! Gamer Bling wishes you plenty of candy and a blissful haze in which you can forget all about the upcoming election and all the hysteria that’s spewing around our nation’s media. And people who think hanging effigies of public figures are just good fun… which is really scary.

Today Gamer Bling is posting a new review, as well as an update to an old review. Check them out.

Also, Gamer Bling Expansion #2 stepped on Gamer Bling’s flash drive, which means it may be a while before you get another review (since he writes them on the upstairs computer). Gamer Bling is still not meaningfully employed, and spending on a flash drive is not high on the priority list right now.

If you would like to help Gamer Bling out with a donation, please do so. You can use the button at the bottom of this review page until such time as Gamer Bling gets a button for the main page. Right now, Gamer Bling must take the Expansions outside to play.


~ by Gamer Bling on 31 October 2008.

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