Another Internet Rumor (or maybe smear)

One of Gamer Bling’s favorite websites posted an article claiming that the Christian Children’s Fund had refused $17,000 from the Gary Gygax Memorial Auction because it was tainted by related to D&D.

Gamer Bling just this moment got an email from someone in the know at Gen Con LLC. Quoth this person: “The stories on the internet are simply not true. We are working on a statement to address this.” The email also stated that the people running the auction chose a different charity. Gamer Bling is trying to figure out why.

So it’s not true. All of you over at the other website, stop sending hate mail. Better yet, send an apology. That especially goes for the owner of said website, who acted before fact checking, thereby putting himself on the same level as the US media, for whom, as you may surmise, Gamer Bling has little to no respect.

~ by Gamer Bling on 4 November 2008.

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