Week 1, Promise Kept

Yes, one week of 2009 has passed, and Gamer Bling has managed to keep his “update every Wednesday” promise.

Better yet, Gamer Bling has managed to insinuate himself into the RPG Blogger’s Network as of last night at around 9:14 p.m. EST. Welcome to all you who follow the network. May you find a feast of information, diatribes, and wandering thought in these pages.

Best of all, it looks like the D&D group will meet once more at long last! But that will be included in later posts.

What incisive (if not exactly terse) review does Gamer Bling have for you today?

Well, back about five months ago, Gamer Bling was privileged enough to sit down for lunch with Michael Webb of Alliance Distributors. Gamer Bling says “sit down for lunch” rather than “had lunch” because, in this case, it is much for accurate; thanks to the fact that Michael Webb is one of the coolest men in gaming, his schedule was booked and he could spare no more than ten minutes before his next important sales meeting with Bambi at Club le Thong some important retailer or corporate executive, whichever is more believable.

Loyal fans may remember Michael Webb as the man creative force outright genius behind The Ultimate DM Screen of Dooooom! Well, at the aforementioned lunch, he showed Gamer Bling a retailer bennie that made Gamer Bling gasp with avarice, and probably several other of the seven deadly sins.

It has at last arrived in Gamer Bling’s mailbox.

You may read about it here.

And Gamer Bling expects to be able to post a new review next week, as well.

~ by Gamer Bling on 7 January 2009.

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