Lame Excuse

Well, it’s week 2, and Gamer Bling had a lot on his plate. He had a review all set up ready to go, but come Thursday morning, he finds he forgot to put it up the night before.

The more Internets-savvy LOLcats out there are snickering in your furry little paws saying, “GB should set up the review to post automatically.” And Yours Truly had thought of that, but being somewhat of a perfectionist, Gamer Bling knows he must also fix links on his index pages when a new review goes live, which is something he cannot do with an automatic update.

But now that it is Thursday morning, Gamer Bling realizes that having a new review on Wednesday without index links is better than having a new review Thursday morning.

So henceforth he will do so. In the meantime, enjoy this review of a keen miniatures carrying case.

~ by Gamer Bling on 15 January 2009.

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