He’s Baaaaack!

Good autumn, gnoble gnights.

It has been almost five months since Gamer Bling last posted to this blog. Which is really pathetic.

However, Gamer Bling is now back, fresh off a last-minute trip to Gen Con as well as a last-minute trip down to the Art Institute of Atlanta to speak on character development and game design theory.

He has new swag (and old) to review, some fun new stories, and lots of other yadda yadda.

But first, a moment of silence. It appears that the good people of Dwarven Sweatshoppe, makers of seriously dice-kicking trays, have taken down their shingle. Their website is down, replaced by one of those annoying “What you need, when you need it” pages—which is patently false because Gamer Bling needs more dice trays, not more spammy link-spastic web pages—and the only email address for them that Gamer Bling has in his sweaty little palms just bounced. Gamer Bling will hang a sad little banner on the review site or something like that to commemorate their passing.

So if anyone has evidence that rumors of their passing have been greatly exaggerated, please let Gamer Bling know.

In other news, Gamer Bling has decided to move into the 21st Century by providing affiliate links to RPGShop.com on many of his review pages, in hopes of making it easier for you, the loyal reader, to get the swag you want. While Gamer Bling supports the friendly local game store, the fact is that many of you live nowhere near a good FLGS, and thus have inadequate access to fun bling. So if you don’t have a FLGS, or don’t have a driver’s license to get to one, or can’t be bothered to leave your Internet connection, please use the Gamer Bling links.

Speaking of links, Gamer Bling has finally added an RSS Feed button. Yay!

Note also that Gamer Bling has added a handy Donate button to the top of the sidebar. Yes, Gamer Bling must pay the rent, and he lives in Charlotte, which is home to three industries all on which are all in the tank: banking, NASCAR, and USAir. At least we don’t have a car company here.

Finally, a two-year-old mystery that has haunted these pages has at last been solved: Gamer Bling now knows the source of the mysterious ghostly simian face on the GameMastery item cards! The review has now been updated to reflect this new discovery.

Enjoy! And next week come learn why Gamer Bling doesn’t golf!


~ by Gamer Bling on 3 September 2009.

One Response to “He’s Baaaaack!”

  1. I Look forward to reading about all the nifty gamer bling that you highlight.

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