Kanye West Needs to Protest This!

Last month Gamer Bling went to Gen Con more or less on a whim. At the last moment, due to the intervention of Adrian “Danger Girl” Swartout (who is one of the most wonderfullest people Gamer Bling knows) and the generosity and longsuffering patience Rob “I program great stuff” Bowes, the last barriers to Gamer Bling’s attendance were removed.

So Gamer Bling drove the reasonably pleasant and scenic drive from Charlotte to Indianapolis, one of which boasts NASCAR and one of which boasts IndyCar, which therefore compelled Gamer Bling to speed the whole way in his BeaterCar. Which, weather and large-semis-who-need-to-pass-on-steep-uphill-grades permitting, he did. Which is when he found out that while MapQuest does not adjust driving time for speeding, neither does it adjust driving time for food or potty breaks, both of which Gamer Bling, unlike the can’t-be-critically-hit undead and oozes that the gamemaster repeatedly throws at us when Gamer Bling has a rogue, needed.

Speaking of encounters, Gamer Bling had two of them on the show floor—well, more than two but only two of which are the subject about which he writes today—that ended with drastically different results.

This is a sadly true Gen Con story, and provides a peek into the seamy underside of gaming business, but at least a fun review of an awesome product comes with it.


~ by Gamer Bling on 14 October 2009.

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