Bend an Ear: The New Year Nears

Well, Gamer Bling finally did it. He finally pried his fellow Charlotte gamers away from 3e just barely long enough long enough to get them at least to try 4e. And with much enthusiasm (Jason), trepidation (Chris), accomodation (Chandler), and grousing (Mark), they tried it.

Basically, we just whipped up some characters and fought a couple encounters from the cheapo micro-dungeon crawl from the back of the DMG. “Skip the role-playing, let’s see how the rules work.”

Naturally, since 4e helpfully lays out the four basic PC roles to help in forming a balanced party—said roles being leader, striker, controller and defender—we ended up with a party consisting of two leaders and two strikers, most of whom had focused on healing. (Lack of healing has been a problem with our earlier teams, as evidenced primarily by Larz “I was a teenaged pincushion” Sangar.) This meant that the team had no front-line tanks and no AOE blasters.

And you know what?

We had fun anyway.

A lot of fun, actually.

Combat was much more dynamic than 3e, which often resembled taking two orbital sanders and mashing them together. After all, 3e is primarily a Gauntlet-like grinder of damage vs. durability. “Elf needs hit points badly.”

The kobolds, which in 3e are generally considered cannon fodder, ganged up on one character and, using the synchronicity of their powers—once Gamer Bling snapped to how they fit together—took down one of the PCs from healthy to dying in one round.

On the other side of the battle, one of the blasters aimed at a kobold that was behind cover and blasted him sideways out into the open, whereupon he was much more susceptible to the PCs’ ranged attacks.

So all agreed to play 4e. And Gamer Bling will, with great alacrity and cleverness, skewer all the denigrations that 4e has suffered since its launch. The latest of which is the unfortunate laying off of Rob Heinsoo, whom Gamer Bling considers to be one of the nicest and least pretentious guys in gaming.

On the reviews front, Gamer Bling has updated the Map Packs review with new entries at the end of the list.

~ by Gamer Bling on 16 December 2009.

One Response to “Bend an Ear: The New Year Nears”

  1. Really good to see that Gamer Bling is alive and well! Looking forward to more posts and more bling.

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