Last-Minute Xmas Gift Ideas!

To reiterate verbatim the opening paragraphs of a post that was written over two years ago when there were not so many people visiting this site, Gamer Bling loves Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year rich with traditions, family, big fat meals, delectable desserts, and children experiencing the dazzling magic of the season. It’s a time to celebrate love, life, generosity, and the loyalty of friends. And it’s only occasionally marred by a re-gifted fruitcake.

Gamer Bling also loves Xmas, by which he means the secular event that Christmas has become in the modern American culture. This is a time of lattes, wish lists, mailboxes full of cards advertisements, overworked sales clerks, and pumping money into the economy. And it’s only occasionally marred by someone flying the bird in a crowded mall parking lot.

But the best part about Xmas is that it’s so downright blingy! Gamer Bling has one of these mounted over his stocking.You chop down an innocent tree (apparently all the guilty trees were chopped down years ago), put it inside your house where even a normal tree would never stand a chance of surviving, and cover it with fragile glass balls and garlands. For what purpose? To look really good and be a marker for where all the presents go! In other words, it could all be done with a cardboard arrow labeled “HERE.” And you could reuse the cardboard arrow next year.

Now that the reiteration is done, Gamer Bling can talk about Xmas 2009.

Let’s face it; it’s getting late to get bling for someone for Christmas. Or Xmas, for that matter. That’s why the digital age is so cool! You can download stuff instantaneously! For example, consider getting the GM screen reviewed here for your GM!

And yes, since it’s a review of an Ultimate Screen, you get another gratuitous gymnastic flexibility photo.

Also, as far as last minute stocking stuffing goes, when you get down to your last dollar, please consider putting it into Gamer Bling’s stocking. Gamer Bling has been looking at upgrading this site to be able to add polls and the like, but such things cost money, which has been in awfully short supply around Gamer Bling’s house… so much so that the packrat known as Yours Truly has sold his 3e on eBay to help pay the Gamer Bling Monthly Access Fee. For your handy convenience there is a neato PayPal button at the top of the sidebar.

Regardless, remember it’s Christmas. Give stuff, give bling, but, most important of all, give your time and your attention to those whom you love.

Heck, do one better: give time and attention to those you don’t love, but who need it more.

~ by Gamer Bling on 21 December 2009.

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