Gen Con Goes Bling!


While Gamer Bling was watching Gamer Bling Expansion #1 and Gamer Bling Expansion #2 compete in a winter league swim meet (while also breaking their personal best times in several strokes) an innocuous email snuck into his inbox, and now he must perforce share the contents with the whirled.

Gamer Bling says “whirled” because his head is still spinning.

Gen Con Indy Badge Pre-Registration opens this Sunday, January 24th, at noon Eastern time. That gives you just enough time to curse at the 404 and “server busy” errors for a good while before you shut down the computer and watch the NFL Conference Championships and try again later.

But what caught Gamer Bling’s avaricious eye was this:

“VIG packages available. If you’re interested in becoming a VIG Member, there are over 100 slots available. The package is only $500 and includes a VIG Pack with fun Gen Con merchandise, access to a VIG Lounge with complimentary beverages, a separate hotel block and much more! Check out our website for more information on VIG Benefits.”


If anyone is a VIG, Gamer Bling is a VIG. He demands it. So, if you would like to live a VIG lifestyle vicariously through Gamer Bling’s blog posts, be sure to pester Gen Con to comp Yours Truly a VIG pass so he can feel like the gamer version of a rock star groupie.

Instead of having to crash on a couch at a friend’s hotel room.



~ by Gamer Bling on 23 January 2010.

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