A Little Character Never Hurt Anyone

Gamer Bling remembers a time back in The Day™ when… well, when several things. Gen Con was still in Milwaukee. WotC was a garage publisher. The Academy of Game Critics was functioning. Gamer Bling had a trim waistline. Chaosium was a major force. “Graft” was an acceptable term on the exhibit floor (the most notable practitioners being FASA, who traded graft by the amount of shelf space the products occupied). And trading card games had not been invented. A day not quite so long ago that gamers wore animal hides and had to rub two sticks together if they wanted to warm up their nachos, but close.

But at the particular time over which Gamer Bling was at the moment reminiscing—which was not when we packed 16 people into a hotel room—Gamer Bling was walking the dealer’s room at Gen Con and came upon Chaosium’s booth, which had a sign that touted the newly released line of Pendragon miniatures.

“Look!” the sign said. “Men without armor! Women with clothes!”

Gamer Bling was moved to buy some just for the sheer novelty of it.

He didn’t, but he was moved. Deeply moved. You may well be similarly moved when you read Gamer Bling’s new review.


~ by Gamer Bling on 9 June 2010.

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