Another Gamer Bling Review!

Throughout society, great disappointments after initial excitement far outnumber the unexpected surprise. Within the political realm, consider the last two administrations. With respect to Hollywood, consider the Matrix sequels. And within the gaming realm, consider Space: 1889 when it was released. Lots of hype, lots of anticipation, lots of buzz… that quickly faded into a disillusioned emptiness and several Academy of Game Critics awards, including “Biggest Letdown after an Extended Media Hype.”

The First Edition Gamer Bling Official Companion was a similar meltdown letdown: young, leggy, sharp, and blonde, all of which engendered such a strong reaction in the genetic programming of Gamer Bling’s Viking blood that it impaired much of Gamer Bling’s higher brain functions (like the ability to notice that she was, in fact, empty).

Yet, sometimes one finds treasures in unexpected places. Like you will in this review, for example.


~ by Gamer Bling on 16 June 2010.

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