Gen Con Blog 3: Gamer Bling Has Impact

Sometimes Gamer Bling wonders if anyone pays attention to him. He makes these posts and reviews, and many go without comment (which is probably a good thing). But, at Gen Con, he received some much-needed affirmation.

He was visiting with the fine and cultured people at the Geek Chic booth, at which they were displaying many fine woodworked items and generally giving Gamer Bling a very hard time controlling his lust, envy, and greed, and thus Virtue was running a close 4-3 score against the Seven Deadly Sins. And Gamer Bling also felt very underdressed in his shorts and t-shirt. But the only way Gamer Bling would have culture is if he were holding a pile of yogurt in his hand, which is not only a bad pun but very messy.

Now, the fine folks at Geek Chic understand the value of marketing, for which Gamer Bling is eternally grateful. But a small part of him always wonders if getting a Gamer Bling review works (for the manufacturer, that is). Now, prior to Gen Con, Gamer Bling did, in fact, have direct evidence that his review has sold two other Penultimate Dice Towers of Doooom! But at Gen Con, it got even better.

It seems that Geek Chic was at HistoriCon a while back. And a shizzlin’ tubular hep cat went to HistoriCon for the sole purpose of buying a Geek Chic gaming table (not The Sultan, but another model).

And, bless his wealthy and well-informed heart, this person told the fine folks at Geek Chic, “If anyone deserves credit for this sale, it’s Gamer Bling.”

So thank you, mysterious stranger. Gamer Bling owes you a microbrew (by which he means a very small cup of coffee). And the rest of you, please tell the people that you read about [insert bling here] on this site. Gamer Bling will thank you mightily for it.

Ha! $3000 in manufacturer sales just like that! Who says Gamer Bling has no influence?

Besides Gamer Bling’s subconscious, that is…


~ by Gamer Bling on 19 August 2010.

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