Track your stats in style

Based on the way certain GMs have killed off Gamer Bling’s wizards, he should have used medicated perforated paper for his characters.There was a time when college-ruled paper was considered a cool platform for a character sheet. Do not laugh; Gamer Bling played the original white-box D&D long before it was called the original white box D&D. (He also once visited the original Dungeon Hobby Shop, and found it to be less well-stocked than his friendly local game store, but that’s another story.)

Then came the first copying machine at the neighborhood drugstore. For five cents, one could get a mimeographed character sheet in gray and white (clarity was none too good). The paper had a vaguely plastic feel and a slightly tacky texture. And it smelled funny when it came out of the machine. But it was way cool.

Now we have full-color PDFs instantly downloadable from manufacturer’s sites, and you can print 200 pages in the time it takes to say, “I need to kill another tree.” The bar has been set pretty high, neh?

But never fear, Gamer Bling is here to find the latest in cutting-edge character-tracking technology.

The Reviews

4e Power Cards – One of the greatest tools for serious 4e gamers.
Campaign Coins – Plunge your hands into piles of your character’s wealth.
Custom Character Portraits – Bring your vision to life in glorious color.

GameMastery Item Cards – Track your inventory, magic and mundane alike.
Hero Lab™ – This program builds character(s).
• Magical Decks – Two items from the DMG come to almost-three-dimensional life.
Mages Guild Coins and Jewels – More faux swag for your faux heroes!
Tokkens – Magic items from the DMG on metal ‘cards.’


  1. I was wondering if you could get around to reviewing the GameMastery Critical Hit Deck. Specifily, will this deck leave me with many maimed PCs missing eyes, hands etc. Since many NPCs are missing various body parts I was wondering if this product would give me a good in-game reason for such folks to be around.
    Oh, and as a frequenter of Paizo’s web site I will be sure to mention that your reviews are helpful and could swing opinions for folks who are thinking about geting some Bling, since Paizo is really into selling Bling.

  2. Gamer Bling would love to review more items from Paizo, and he has specifically requested the Critical Hit Deck. Unfortunately, since the departure of Phil Lacefield, Gamer Bling has had no luck getting on the Paizo comp list, despite having been assured twice that he was.

    Gamer Bling agrees that Paizo is into bling, a fact that he finds very exciting. Being on the Paizo comp list would be even more exciting, in every possible meaning of the word. However, it would be unprofessional for Gamer Bling to post someone’s Paizo email address and ask all of Gamer Bling’s fans to bombard said inbox with such requests. So instead, Gamer Bling will leave it as an exercise to his faithful fans to find their own email address to pester.

    Feel free to pester other manufacturers, as well. Because you deserve the best in reviews!

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