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10 Responses to “Tokkens”

  1. These are only available in booster-packs? No thanks. I’m not using them for a collection, I simply want to make gaming more fun and less work.

  2. Where can you purchase the tokkens at, for series 2 and 3 in Northern Kentucky?

  3. Well, according to the Tokkens website (see ), those who live in Kentucky are out of luck unless you’re willing to bootleg some across state lines dodging revenuers. I’d try special ordering them through your fave retailer. Or if that fails, you’ll have to go online.

  4. Does anyone still want tokkens. Or have they just been forgotten?
    I have lots of them still unopend got them for my hubby and he never gave them a shot.

    • Wow. Gamer Bling bows down before any Official Companion that buys bling for her barbarian. He hopes that someone here will make you a suitable offer.

  5. Me too. I almost never tell him no when it comes to the wonderful world of gaming. He knows hes lucky and my friends think i’m crazy but gameing makes the world go round.

    • How many boxes are you talking about? I wasn’t all that intrigued by them, but I use Paizo’s Item cards, and having a few more of these for variety would be cool. I could probably swing $2/box, if that sounds reasonable. (replies should send me an email).

  6. Lisa – If you still have any, I might be interested.

  7. I use these for my 3.5 campaigns, and really like them. If they had been made “stackable” the product would have probably been a success. As it is, they are awkward when stacked up on the game table and often go sliding across paperwork and getting in the way of dice rolls at the most inopportune times.

    Apparently both Fantasy Mint and Tokkens are no more. Neither website works any longer. However, I find them on eBay from time-to-time, and a few online retailers have some dusty boxes in the back of their stockrooms still.

    Great concept, great quality, poor execution or product engineering. If an accessory can’t make things more organized, they’re not all that useful.

  8. Sorry I haven’t been on. is my e-mail. Please e-mail me there if you still might want them. That goes to anyone.

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