Roll someone’s bones with style

Gaining another level is a Sisyphean task, because there is always another level… and, apparently, there are always bigger dice.Some of you may remember the days before 20-sided dice. Gamer Bling certainly does, at least on those days when the ol’ brain is moderately functional. Those were the days of THAC0 before it was called THAC0. And no one knew where to get a 20-sided die.

The roll to hit therefore required multiple d6 rolls (of course, those were in the days before they were called d6s, too… Lord, we were primitive). The math was simple:

     1: 1-5 (reroll d6, ignoring 6s)
     2: 6-10 (reroll d6+5, ignoring 6s)
     3: 11-15 (reroll d6+10, ignoring 6s)
     4: 16-20 (reroll d6+15, ignoring 6s)
     5: 1-10 (reroll as d10)
     6: 11-20 (reroll as d10+10)

Maybe not so simple, and definitely mind-numbing.

Then we got (drum roll please) polyhedron dice!

… made of cheap plastic that wore away so as to convert one’s keen die into a speherical object that Gamer Bling has seen roll slowly and inexorably down the entire length of a six-foot-long gaming table and off the end. And as we all know from our dice-rolling superstitions, it is not kosher to interefere with a die roll in progress.

Then came hard plastic dice. Then clear plastic dice. And an insatiable demand for Crown Royal bags to put the dice in. But the dice bling had only just begun.

So here, loyal blog-reader, is the current cream of the crop for elegant randomization.

The Reviews

Chainmail Dice Bags – Need more be said?
Crystal Metal Dice – Heavy blingalicious dice.
Custom Wooden Dice Trays – Personalized accessories.
D-Total – The only die you’ll ever need.
Dragon Chow Dice Bags – Because your PC is the dragon food.
The Penultimate Dice Tower of Doooom! – The (second) best ever.
Q-Workshop laser-etched dice – The state of the art in plastic dice.
Several Different Dice Cups – Because it’s easier this way.
VixenTor hand-made dice towers – Nice-looking wooden randomizers.

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