Bling to tool your players

The job of a GM is a lonely one. All the players want to kill your characters. All the players want to solve your puzzles, thwart your plans, and raid your fridge. They all gang up on you.

They won’t even let you play on their team.

Gamer Bling understands your pain. Even as these very words take on a Frakensteinian semblance of electronic life, Gamer Bling is sitting alone, unloved—nay, even forgotten in a dim room pounding out sniveling self-pity in hopeless commiseration with your unhappy lot.

You work. They play. They bypass your best and most brilliant efforts with a nonchalant wave of the hand and a cheery “We head west.”

The least you can do is treat yourself right, even if they won’t.

Then, when you crush the souls from their characters, you can do so with brutal vengeance… and blinged-out style.

There is only one fate for those who dare to quote the rules back at the gamemaster…

Here’s what Gamer Bling likes (and perhaps not-so-likes) in the world of GM tools.

The Reviews

The Sultan gaming table – The ultimate place to play.
Combat Pad™ – The ultimate combat accessory.
Critical Hit & Fumble Decks – Make combat more exciting.
Customizable Game Screen – The best screen you can get.
GameMastery Campaign Notebook – Keep all the notes you need in one place.
Ultimate DM Screen of Dooooom! – The best screen you can’t get. But your store can.
Ultimate GM Screen of Paperrrrr! – The best knock-off of the screen you can’t get, at a fraction of the price.

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