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• Who is Gamer Bling?

Working in the RPG industry isn’t pretty. But it is… um… preferable to fighting in knee-deep mud.Gamer Bling is a veteran of the RPG trenches. He started work on his first adventure (which was eventually published) around about 1985. He freelanced for several different companies on a bewildering variety of game lines. He even won an Origins award or two.

Now that he has been exiled into the eternal torment that is the TCG industry, he looks back with longing at the dozens—nay, hundreds of dollars he used to make as a freelance writer. He realized that the only way he could revisit the halcyon days of his wasted youth would be to unleash his inner curmudgeon and review keen stuff for fun (if not profit).

He has a wife, known as The Official Gamer Bling Companion, plus a daughter called Gamer Bling Expanion #1 and a son called Gamer Bling Expansion #2. He also has a few self-mobile accessories known as a cat and a dog, and a Gamer Bling Monthly Access Fee which has also been described as a mortgage.

He is a member of the RPG Bloggers network, and they are mightily happy to have him, you can be sure. No, really. Quit laughing.

• How do I get a product reviewed?

If you are a manufacturer, just post a comment here or on the feedback page, and Gamer Bling will contact you offline. If your product is review-worthy, Gamer Bling will provide you with shipping information as well as a request for blank signed checks (one of these days, fair readers, someone will fall for that).

If you are a reader and a fan, you can post a comment and let Gamer Bling know of a new product. Alternatively, you can go straight to the manufacturer and bombard them with emails suggesting they send something along to Gamer Bling. Or you could just buy a copy and send it along.

• Do you have a linking policy for your website?

Gamer Bling loves incoming links. However, he does not like it when someone (like a certain DFW gaming group) quotes his material with no references. Gamer Bling will shortly put up some downloadable graphics for webmaster to link to. And use http://www.gamer-bling.com for the link; it’s easier to remember, and someday when this blog is large and powerful (like Gamer Bling’s belches) it will move out of the parents’ basement of WordPress and onto its own server.

If there’s a specific link graphic you want, let Gamer Bling know. With a comment. Here would be fine. The feedback page would be better.

• Who designed your look?

Gamer Bling understands that presentation is everything; substance matters not at all. Just look at today’s politicians. Thus, when this website came into creative being, someone with actual graphic talent was needed to make it become a reality.

That person happened to be jim pinto. You can tell jim is an artist because he doesn’t use capital letters in his name. He’d call himself, “the graphic artist that was formerly known as Jim Pinto,” but the joke only works in writing. And even then, those who txt msg all the time wouldn’t even note the lack of capitalization, and the wit of the name would be lost. Much like Gamer Bling’s train of thought happens to be at the moment.

Suffice it to say that jim created Gamer Bling’s logo, chose the colors, and created the frames that alert you whenever Gamer Bling chooses to put a picture in to disrupt his deathless prose.

Gamer Bling would like to see jim pinto get a lot of business, so when you throw money at him, because he clearly needs more capital. Be sure to tell him Gamer Bling sent you.

Go see jim. See jim go. Go, jim, go. Send jim money. Send send send. Money money money. Money makes jim happy.

Legal Shtuff

Even though current copyright law does not require this to be said, all reviews are copyright © 2007-2009 by Gamer Bling. All rights reserved. No portion of these reviews can be reproduced in any manner without the express written consent of Gamer Bling. Manufacturers and retailers are allowed to use excerpts to promote the items reviewed; however, when possible, they should include a reference or link to www.gamer-bling.com (which forwards here, but is easy to remember). And send more review product.

All products reviewed herein are TM, ©, and/or ® by their respective manufacturers. No challenge to these marks is made or implied, although the marks may, from time to time, be mocked. And, of course, Gamer Bling will happily adjust any such legal markings as requested. Gamer Bling does not want to have his testimonials torn off by a pack of rabid lawyers, nosirree.

2 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Hello.. I’m what you might call a ‘small-time’ manufacturer. I handsew reversible, flat bottom dice bags. They stand up on the table while you game. They’re made out of fabric and they come with drawstrings. I’d love to send you a bag sample for you to test on your site. I have linked to my shop, dragonchow.etsy.com
    My shop does not have many sales, but I was previously selling my dice bags in a different shop and they were well-received – I can provide feedback 🙂

    E-mail me if you’re interested, dragonchowdicebags at gmail dot com

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