Discover yourself… or at least find a way out

With Schroedinger’s t-shirt, you never know if you exist or not until you put it on.You can never get special effects that are as cool as the ones inside your own head.

With a few exceptions, of course. Gamer Bling suspects that numerous politicians dream only in shades of gray.

But of course, part of the problem with playing entirely “in head” is that what one player thinks is happening is going to differ from the perspective of another player. And Gamer Bling is all about eliminating perspective. After all, with the proper perspective, none of this is necessary.

And if we have three-dimensional painted miniatures and 4-color character sheets and multicolor engraved dice and all sorts of other bling, why, it is absolutely essential that we accessorize with some nice forced-perspective full-color maps.

Paris Hilton would agree.

The Reviews

Area of Effect Templates – Quickly figure out exactly whom your fireball toasts.
Bendy Dungeon Walls – The fastest way to make three-d dungeons.
Campaign Cartographer – Build awesome maps with zoom, layers, and more.
Castlemolds™ – Build beautiful custom dungeons & scenery.
Dundjinni Mapping Software – Make your own custom encounter maps.
GameMastery Map Packs – Detailed cardstock maps of common locations.

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