Miniatures to the Max

When we were kids, we played with G.I. Joes. And then little green army men. And then, when we finally evolved into RPGers, small pewter fantasy heroes. In short, our men have been getting smaller and smaller. And while you may not believe Gamer Bling, spammers around the world have been staking their living on this observation.

Formerly a revolutionary, currently a counter-evolutionary.Miniatures represent you, the hero, bringing to three-dimensional life a character that exists on a few pages of statistics. Naturally, you want that hero to be as cool as can be. Cooler even than Michael Jackson, and by this Gamer Bling is referring to the King of Pop before he evolved himself into a plastic miniature.

So, if you’re looking for real ways to maximize your miniature self and be the envy of all your friends, ignore the spammers and read the following:

The Reviews

[Adjective] Heroes – PC miniatures from the 4e PHB… with power cards!
ConflictChips™ – Mounts and other large creatures on poker chips.
D&D Icons – Big honkin’ dragons to eat your PCs.

Dragonfire Excessories – Never thought you’d want burned plastic, huh?

Elevation Indicators – Track the elevation of flying critters.

Feldherr Miniatures Cases – Stylish portability for your prized collection.

Magnetic Markers – The most useful way to mark effects.
Vessel Carrying Case – Durable metal for carrying flimsy plastic.

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