Play good, look gooder. 

Let’s face it (or rather, let all those grunting jocks face it), gaming is going mainstream. Jamie Lee Curtis schills for Hasbro. Robin Williams plays Warhammer 40k. Daryl Hannah is a game designer. Vin Diesel plays D&D (quoth he: “I call it the training ground for the imagination.”).

Oh, and there was this little series of movies called… what was it…? Oh yes…


With the mainstreaming of gaming, it was only a matter of time before a variety of accoutrements appeared. Sure, they have nothing to do with your game per se, but there are two very valid reasons that Gamer Bling has added this new category.

The first is that several people have sent Gamer Bling some fun non-gaming gamer stuff to review, and he firmly believes in rewarding such desirable behavior.

The second is to prove that he could use “accoutrements” in a sentence.

Now, Gamer Bling believes that the best gift you can give someone (Christmas, birthday, etc.) is something that they really want, but would never quite buy for themselves. So consider this your shopping list for the other gamers in your life.

The Reviews

Chain Mail Accessories – Bracelets, phone fobs, stuff like that.
Intimagik Rings – Indestructible rings of gamer doom.
… And That Other Thing – Uh… yeah.

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