A Fistful of Bling

Now THIS is card bling!

Yes, this blog is about accessories for role-playing games. Yes, that’s a clear definition. And yes, card-floppers are generally held in disdain by dice-chuckers. And vice versa. But at least none of them are lead-pushers. Or larpers. All of which are better than joystick-twiddling loners as exemplified by that nameless WarCraft-playing guy in South Park.

With all this inexplicable and fruitless infighting among gamers, who are looked down upon by much of society at large, one would expect that Gamer Bling would be able to come up with some sort of moral lesson for the betterment of society as a takeaway from this message.

But no.

At least no one is strapping a bomb to themselves to take out the local competing tournament.

In any event, it’s a new year, and Gamer Bling has a new piece of bling, and a great coincidence is a fine time to create a new section on the Gamer Bling blog.

Specifically, Gamer Bling winces to think that he is indeed creating a TCG section for his RPG blog. But he has to. Because even though TCGs are way ahead of RPGs in terms of blinginess—intimidating one’s opponent is a lot easier than threatening the DM, who can kill your PC with a wave of his hand and a faked roll of the die—there are still items that, for the sake of pure blinginess, deserve mention.

And here they are.

The Reviews

The Ultimate Life Counter of Dooooom! – For those counting the high life.

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