Ultimate Life Counter of Dooooom!

This review has been moved to GamerBling.com!

4 Responses to “Ultimate Life Counter of Dooooom!”

  1. Ha ha I have the blue life counter number 55 of 250 they are totally awesome!!!!!!

  2. won the zendikar pre-release and number the number 207/250 blue life counter today 🙂 I want to sell it but i’m not certain for how much…

    • Gamer Bling notes that his fans (2 for 2 as of this writing) are all acquiring the blue life counter… indicative, per the Magic color wheel, of intelligence, insight, and… um… illusion. 😛

      Congratulations on the win, and if you eBay it, be sure to let Gamer Bling know; he will follow the auction with great interest.

  3. I just got the Blue Life counter today. Number 258 of 250. I got it mostly as a prize tonight from my local shop. It’s super nice looking, and I don’t think this is something I’m ever going to get rid of. Valuable or not, This is the coolest life counter I have ever seen. I love the gears design.

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