The best excessories everywhere

As a regular to the major industry conventions, one of the recent changes that struck Gamer Bling is the proliferation of what can only be considered “bling” for games, especially role-playing games. Each of these items promises to enhance your gaming experience, if only you would part with a few of your hard-earned dollars that could otherwise be spent on, say, the latest D&D hardback or a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. Many of these spiffy offerings are being made by small or start-up companies with a great idea and not a lot of marketing capital.

Having done a number of reviews for various publications, Gamer Bling decided that it was time to start evaluating these items and making them known, for good or for ill, across the world. Thus was this website born.

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To the right, beneath the RSS feed icon (hint hint), is a link to Gamer Bling’s blog. He always announces new reviews on his blog, plus does a variety of scintillatingly analytical postings having nothing particular to do with blingy swag. They are nonetheless selflessly provided for the betterment of your edumacation.

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