A Five-Year (Inter)Mission

Well, gnoble gnights (those few of you who may still be on the RSS feed), the time has come at last to say farewell hello again!

Gamer Bling has had a long, busy, and occasionally very hard five years since his last post, but now he has a stable job with benefits, paid time off, and a cubicle. Yay!

This means he is no longer scraping for money, or depressed at being unemployed, or depending on the game industry for his livelihood. All of which means that he can start blogging again! Yay!

He is starting anew at the much-easier-to-remember URL GamerBling.com. It’s kind of like Gamer Bling: The Next Degeneration, but not limpid. Some old reviews will be revived there, and there are already two new ones!

Come join the snark fun!

~ by Gamer Bling on 6 October 2016.

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